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A Brief History of Holy Trinity Anglican Church

Our journey started 1997 at the Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Houston Texas as the international community prayer ministry.  Our members spanned from diverse indigenes with root from Africa.  Soonest after formation, we mobilized our members on evangelism drive to spread the good news to everyone that shared a common desire for true Anglican worship in our communities.

As God would have it, the ministry thrived amidst cultural and operational challenges with our parent Episcopal Church.  We transitioned from the status of a prayer ministry to a fellowship mission in 1998 with attendance as high as 400 during worship.  Success and triumph became mixed with challenges and temptations, which resulted into a separation within our ministry in 2001, we were relocated to the Episcopal High School in Bellaire Texas choosing a new name St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church.

The move to Episcopal High School in 2001 soon became our longest experience in our relationship with the Episcopal Church.  We slowly began the process to assimilate into the general practices of the Episcopal Church, which was punctuated by our unrelenting desire to maintain association with the Anglican Church.  In early 2004 we were granted the status of a mission and soon afterwards in 2004 we relocated to our own property in the Alief suburb of Houston Texas.

We all know that God works in a mysterious way!  Very quickly his wonders and plans for us started to unfold.  The new location would prove to be the crossroad of our journey as some internal events and the many faith related issues surrounding the Episcopal Church forced the entire congregation to separate from the Episcopal Church on February 24, 2008 to start what we know today as HOLY TRINITY ANGLICAN CHURCH. Holy Trinity Church began from onset in an evangelical climate. We started with a senior priest who knew the Anglican tradition and was also an Evangelical. We have been able to recruit evangel associates, which in turns have helped the church maintain the tempo of spiritual fire through relevant and divine messages. We have been holding monthly vigils, crusades, prayers Rally. We now manifest the fourfold roots of Anglicanism, which are EVANGELICAL, APOSTOLIC, CATHOLIC (Universal) and PENTICOSTAL. Presently, every service is a time for POWER encounter with the Holy Spirit whether by the frequent guest speakers.

About Us

For our church, it is important for us to preach about the glory of the Lord. For us, one of our responsibilities in life is to exalt His name. Through our efforts, we hope that more and more individuals understand His glory and see how beautiful the loving Father is.
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15150 Bellaire Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77083

Phone: 832 490 7204, 281-561-7262
Fax: 281-561-9262
Email: anglicanchurch@htchouston.org