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Choir Ministry is a very important part of our worship and overall good health of our Christian community. Our music reflects the solemnity, beauty, joy, and enthusiasm that characterize the spirit and energy of the Choir members and gospel band as well as the entire congregation.

Although our worship and music pattern weighs more on our rich African Anglican Heritage, we remain in consonance with the general convention of the Anglican Communion. From the beat of the “Conga drums” to the sound of the organ, plus the gentle tapping on the “Rattle percussion”, the combination of the bass and lead guitars and other enchanting instruments, enhances our praise and worship celebrations as well as classical choir anthems.

Our goal is to maintain a steady growth in membership that knows the Lord Jesus and to participate in helping to consolidate our spiritual strength and stability as well as facilitate the growth of our Youth/Children’s Choir ministry. This continues to be an area of priority for our Church. The youth/children choir would provide a training camp that would feed into the adult Choir.

Additionally, through hard work, we seek to further improve our presentation of congregational hymns by confidently supplying harmony, descant, and parts designate. Also, we seek to increase our collection and use of festive praise and worship songs as well as traditional Anglican songs to strengthen our indigenous and colorful worship style. Most of all, the choir ministry members are active participants in other areas of church life where they can draw inspiration to perform the work that God has assigned them in leading souls to the throne of grace through musical renditions.

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For our church, it is important for us to preach about the glory of the Lord. For us, one of our responsibilities in life is to exalt His name. Through our efforts, we hope that more and more individuals understand His glory and see how beautiful the loving Father is.
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