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Men’s Christian Fellowship Ministry

The Men’s ministry at Holy Trinity Anglican Church maintains the primary focus of working towards the spiritual growth and increasing the stewardship involvement as well as participation of all men within the Church congregation. The Men’s ministry has been one of our foundational ministries and continues to serve as a glue stick for the unity and prosperity of the Church as well as a successful leadership on evangelism. The men’s ministry serves to preserve the following:

  • Connecting the men and families of the Church through prayer and support.
  • Serving as good resource base to the Rector, the Vestry, and other Ministries in the Church.
  • Serving as a community support link and positive information re-enforcement source to the Holy Trinity men.
  • Creating ideas and solutions that benefit the Church and channeling the results through the Vestry committee and clergy team.
  • Providing constructive criticism and offer solutions to Church leadership group as appropriate.
  • Provide a source of strong financial base for the Church projects and overall growth.

Quite certainly, the Men’s ministry is a vital part of the Church and applies exemplary leadership in Church activities, which characterizes each member’s commitment to the Church and their individual family lives.

About Us

For our church, it is important for us to preach about the glory of the Lord. For us, one of our responsibilities in life is to exalt His name. Through our efforts, we hope that more and more individuals understand His glory and see how beautiful the loving Father is.
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