Women's Prayer Ministry

Women’s Prayer Ministry

The Women’s prayer ministry at Holy Trinity Anglican Church offers a unique blend of opportunities to our women by helping to strengthen their spiritual lives and a base for practical involvement in the affairs of the Church adding value to its growth, maintenance, and community outreach programs.

Holy Trinity has never been without the support from the Women’s group, which through time has become a very strong anchor to the spiritual and financial sustenance of the Church. In many Church events, the Women’s group plays some of the most crucial roles in planning and managing of the events. The Women’s group through its activities creates a positive impression for other ministries and programs within the Church such as the youth and children ministries, the men’s ministry, the evangelism and hospitality ministries, the choir, and the usher group.

The Women’s ministry in its current stage is enjoying strong membership involvement and participation. The group plans to strengthen its impact in the lives of its members and the Church through prayers, fund-raising, and family driven activities.

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For our church, it is important for us to preach about the glory of the Lord. For us, one of our responsibilities in life is to exalt His name. Through our efforts, we hope that more and more individuals understand His glory and see how beautiful the loving Father is.
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